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Батерия, Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Код KXG0043690

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  • Гаранция: 12 месеца
  • Предназначен за: iPhone
  • Х-ка 2: Attaching the MagSafe Battery Pack is a snap. Its compact, intuitive design makes on-the-go charging easy.
  • Х-ка 3: The perfectly aligned magnets keep it attached to your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro — providing safe and reliable wireless charging. And it automatically charges, so there’s no need to turn it on or off.
  • Х-ка 4: The MagSafe Battery Pack can charge even faster when coupled with a 27W or higher charger, like those that ship with MacBook.
  • Х-ка 5: And when you’re in need of a wireless charger, just plug in a Lightning cable for up to 15W of wireless charging.
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